A New Joy House Mum!

We have some fantastic news to share!  We’ve just recently heard from Bethany Village that a new house mum for Joy House has been found.  These children had been temporarily moved to other homes while they were without a house mother, and now they are able to return back to their home and regain a bit of their normal routine.

Rose Namyalo was the previous house mother for another house called Grace House.  She was prepared to retire from her position but when the village lost Betty, she felt God calling her to serve a little longer as house mum at Joy House.  A true woman of God, she answered the call and has left her retirement in God’s hands.  What an amazing gift to these children and to Bethany Village!

Here is a short bio of Rose that we received from Bethany.  Let’s continue to lift these little children, and Rose, up to Jesus as they adjust to the new changes once again in their lives.

My name is Rose, I am a mother of 8 grown up children whom I have single handedly raised after the passing on of their father when all of them were young and still in primary school.

I have worked with Bethany Children’s Home for 13 years specifically as a Home Mother of Grace House. I was determined to retire from this service by December last year but when we lost one of our colleagues in November last year, I reconsidered my decision to leave because of the need that had been created because of the Loss. I am now standing in the gap as the “new” house mum of Joy house. I am not so sure up to until when but I am still looking up to God for the right moment.

I have a lot of success stories as a result of working with children for 13 years. The most fulfilling thing for me is to see how God works in the life of a child, building them up from the brokenness of rejection into acceptance and shaping them for a better future. I have seen children who came to us rejected, malnourished turn into beautiful, adorable young men and women who are passionate for the Lord. Many of them have successful careers and marriages. Because of them, I have the energy to wake up everyday and do what I am supposed to do for the good of those who are still remaining in the house.

Bethany village has been a blessing to me, through the various parenting classes I have been taken through, I was able to raise my 8 children, they are all out of my house leaving independent successful lives. I was able to educate them using the money I have earned working as a Home Mother. I bless God so much because they are all Christians and serving God wherever they are.

Thank you Rose for joining Joy House on an act of faith!  We look forward to hearing more about Joy House!  Next week we will continue with introducing the rest of our Joy House children.