A Visit to Our Sponsor Child!

One of the most exciting parts of visiting Uganda with our missions teams is our ability to visit the children that we sponsor!  The Zeilstra family was able to do just that on our most recent trip in August 2019.  Below is Lisa’s experience of her and her family’s time in Kyengeza.  Enjoy!


Our family got to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity when we traveled to Uganda, Africa in August 2019.  We were going to meet our sponsor child!  I will never forget the day this happened.  We were going to serve in a village called Kyengeza, where many of the sponsor children live.  As our missions team was heading up to the church in the village we were greeted by singing and dancing by the community.  As I looked around at all the people I knew that somewhere in this crowd was Amos, our sponsor child, and in the next short while we were going to meet him face to face.  As part of our ministry we were handing out supplies to all the sponsor children and my heart was racing with excitement knowing Amos was about to be called up to the front of the church to receive his gift.  And then the leader called his name, and as he made his way to the front of the church our entire family was immediately filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and joy.  Amos gave us the biggest smile and it just melted our hearts. When he received his mattress and shoes, tears filled his eyes and I thought, how blessed are we to be able to be a part of this child’s life!  After talking with Amos and taking pictures, he left with his family to go back home.  But his older brother, aged 10 perhaps, came back into the church and looked me in the eyes and said “thank you for sponsoring my little brother.  Now he can go to school and have things he would never be able to have.”  It was a moment I’ll never forget.  That visit blessed our family so much and we’re so thrilled to now be able to continue to connect with Amos and grow our relationship with each other and in Christ through sending pictures and letters.

Lisa Zeilstra