Christmas Gifts for your Sponsor Children!

Merry Christmas!

Several weeks ago we asked if you wanted to send a gift to your sponsor children for Christmas.  We forwarded the funds so they would have time to purchase the gifts for Christmas.  Those gifts have been purchased and we now have a report of what Christmas looked like for our sponsor children in Uganda.

This year, while the workers were visiting the homes, they saw that these children have been so incredibly blessed with the funding for basic needs, school fees, clothing… but they lacked a safe place to keep their school supplies and possessions.  They realized that this would be a perfect gift from the sponsors.  And so, secure metal boxes and suitcases were purchased for the storage of personal belongings like study materials, clothing and possessions.

While it may seem odd to us to purchase a metal box for a child, these boxes are known for their durability and security.  They are a valuable thing to own, and the family can keep the possessions their child owns safe while at school and work.  With the money leftover after purchasing the suitcase, blankets were also bought for the kids.  You can see those being held up high with joy!

The children were very excited to receive their gifts, and gratefulness is evident on their faces!  Thank you so much for your generosity in loving your sponsor children this Christmas.  Have a wonderful holiday, may you be incredibly blessed as you celebrate Jesus’ birth.