December update

Merry Christmas!  As the snow continue to falls and Canada gets chillier, Uganda is getting hotter and hotter by the month.  While we are settling into winter, they are heading into their summer time and things are heating up quite a bit there!  It is not too late to make a final donation for the 2017 tax year.  Just click the donate button on the top of the page to help this incredible orphanage continue to do the work that is before them.  You can either give a one time donation or set up a recurring donation.  Donation receipts for 2017 will be sent out early 2018.

I thought I’d share with you a short story from Betty Ayat (who you met in a previous post) about 2 boys who will be graduating this year and returning to their families as adults.  Graduation is an exciting time for the staff and especially the house mothers at Bethany Village as it represents a huge success in what they do there.  Betty Ayat, house mother of Worship House shares with us these words about Moses and Daniel who will both be graduating this year:

“It is our culture as an organization to graduate children whose families have been identified and are able to look after them and also those who make 18 years of age. This year, I have two boys who will be resettled with their mothers in December. Moses and Daniel have lived with me for 9 years. This year they made 18 and according to the laws of our country the two boys have to be resettled with a known relative. We have worked with their mothers empowering them with business ideas as well as some capital for them to be able to start up business ventures that can help them take care of their children after graduation from Bethany Village.”

What an exciting time for Betty and also for Daniel and Moses!  Our prayers are with them as they make the exciting journey in reuniting with their mothers and settling into their homes as adults.

As you can see, many wonderful things are happening in Bethany Village and they continue to grow in their vision and calling for what God has next.  Pastor Paul, manager of Bethany Village,  shares this blessing with us:

“We appreciate all the brethren who are part of this move. May God bless the works of their hands. Everyone at Bethany sends their greetings to your team thanking Him for the friendship that is between us and you. That is it from us, May you have a wonderful Christmas.”

Pastor Paul Bulima, Manager of Bethany Village