ARM: Covid 19 Relief

Many of those living in Uganda live “hand-to-mouth”, which simply means that whatever money they make that day is used for food to feed their family that evening.  There is no extra.  This means that when Covid-19 arrived in Uganda, and the restrictions of no marketplace sales outside of food sales, as well as no groups larger than 5 came into place, the livelihood and ability to make a living significantly changed of a large portion of the country.  Crowded marketplaces became empty, merchants were not able to sell their products and money was not made.

The temporary Covid-19 relief fund was aimed at helping those in desperate need of food and medicine as a result of this compounded poverty.  All funds are forwarded directly to Africa Renewal Ministries who then distribute them to well known Pastors who are able to distribute the funds to the most critical needs in their communities.  To date, several thousands of dollars have been donated to help those in need.