Frontline: General

The Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc. (or Frontline), founded and led by Jeff and Rowena Pessina, has been serving the Filipino people and nation for 35 years. From humble beginnings of just a few young people armed with little more than vision and faith, Frontline has gone on to reach millions of people with the Gospel through a variety of means.

Over the past 20 years, Frontline has developed into a multi-faceted ministry, committed to a transformation that includes all aspects of life and society through socially-engaging approaches, all being compassionate and evangelistic in nature. Frontline now has a growing network of vibrant, community-engaged churches (Frontline Worship Center), a registered Christian school (Frontline Christian Academy, Inc.), a registered child care program to abandoned, abused, or dangerously neglected children (Face the Children), and several social enterprise initiatives that provide employment to people in need.”