Introducing Daizy!

Today we are going to introduce you to Daizy.  Daizy was one of the older children at Bethany and has now recently graduated.  She has taken on many responsibilities around Bethany as she prepared to live with her mother once again and has learned skills that will benefit her greatly when she moves.

Daizy is a 17 year old girl currently in Senior Four, she came to Bethany because of domestic violence that had come up in her home as a result of conflicts between her parents which ended up separating them. She was later abandoned with her aged grandmother who was very sickly and could not look after her. At the moment, Daisy is due for reintegration back into her family December 2018. We have worked with her mother by empowering her with business skills and some money to be able to start up a business. At the moment, the business has existed for three months and seems to be making progress. On this note, Daisy will be resettled with her mother in December.

Let’s remember to keep Daizy in our prayers as she is now graduated and will have recently moved.  Thank you for all the support you have given Daizy!  Her graduation leaves her empowered as an adult, and also leaves a space for a younger child who needs a home.