Child Support

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.  With your help these children can live above their situations and reach their full potential.



For $40.00 a month, these children in the community of Kyengeza will receive one meal a day, have their education provided in a Christian school, will have their uniform provided and will receive regular medical and dental health provision.

Children's Homes


Some Children do not have natural family who can provide for them. These children need homes and house parents who will lovingly care for them and provide for their needs.  For $80.00 a month, a child will be provided with a loving family environment, three daily meals, clothing, education and wholesome family nurture. 

Upcoming Mission Trips

Visit your sponsor child.  Did you know that if your sponsor child lives in Uganda, then it may be possible to visit your child.  Send an email to requesting information about visiting your sponsor child.  You might be able to join with others in a short term trip to visit your sponsor child and also to serve within the community of your sponsor child.

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